Fried Shitake Mushrooms Appetizer with Micro Red Amaranth and Micro Arugula

  *Fried Shitake Mushrooms Appetizer with Micro Red Amaranth and Micro Arugula* These flavorful fungi are prized as both a medicinal food and a culinary favorite of creating cooking especially when garnished with micro red amaranth and micro arugula. Ingredients: 1 Pint of Shitake Mushroom 1 Lemon 2Tbsp. Olive Oil 1Tsp.  Sea Salt with Minerals 1Tsp.Micro Red Amaranth 1Tsp.Micro Arugula Prior to fry pre wash mushrooms. Pour olive oil in pan warm up in medium heat and add mushrooms fry […]

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Micro Mix Salad with Belgian Endive

*Micro Mix Salad with Belgian Endive* People love salads. The idea behind ours was to create a high anti-oxidant and vitamin rich ingredients in one simply delicious salad. This salad stands up to any anti-oxidant and vitamin rich salads. To make this salad you need only a few minutes. Ingredients: 4Oz. Micro Mix 2Tsps. Minced Garlic 1Tsp. Sea salt with Minerals 2Tbsps. Organic Olive Oil 2-3Tbsps. Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice 1 Medium Size Belgian Endive Pre wash the Micro Mix […]

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Broiled Lamb Ribs with Organic Micro Bull Blood and Red Amaranth

  *Broiled Lamb Ribs with Organic Micro Bull Blood and Red Amaranth* This inspired entrée will satisfy anyone who likes specific taste of Micro red amaranth and bulls’ blood with broiled lamb meat and grilled vegetables. This entrée can be served with any side dish, steam basmati rice, mashed potatoes or any micro mix salads. Ingredients: 1Lb Organic Grass Fed Lamb Ribs 3Tbsps. Corn Oil 3Tsps.Sea salt 1 Zucchini 2qt Asparagus 1 Sweet Red Pepper 3Tbsps. Red Amaranth 2Tbsps.Bull Blood […]

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Organic America Microgreens

"Check out those colors! These beautiful, certified-organic microgreens, tiny versions of vegetables such as red amaranth and golden pea shoots, liven up dishes and provide concentrated nutrients (often more than their grown-up versions). Perfect for chefs or home cooks who want a little somethin’ special for their finished dish. We love, love, love the fresh and unusual tastes of these fun-to-eat garnishes; reportedly kids love ‘em too." -


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