Broiled Lamb Ribs with Organic Micro Bull Blood and Red Amaranth



*Broiled Lamb Ribs with Organic Micro Bull Blood and Red Amaranth*
This inspired entrée will satisfy anyone who likes specific taste of Micro red amaranth and bulls’ blood with broiled lamb meat and grilled vegetables. This entrée can be served with any side dish, steam basmati rice, mashed potatoes or any micro mix salads.

1Lb Organic Grass Fed Lamb Ribs
3Tbsps. Corn Oil
3Tsps.Sea salt
1 Zucchini
2qt Asparagus
1 Sweet Red Pepper
3Tbsps. Red Amaranth
2Tbsps.Bull Blood
½Tsp. Black Pepper

Before broiling prepare the meat with sea salt and black pepper. Broil lamb meat for 15-20minutes on medium high heat. Grill zucchini, asparagus and sweet red pepper and put on the side of the broiled lamb meat. At the end garnish the entrée with the unique flavor of organic micro red amaranth and bull blood.