Micro Red Amaranth

Micro Red Amaranth With its diamond shaped leaves and its deep burgundy color, micro amaranth is a great way to make any dish pop with color.

Micro Arugula

Micro Arugula The nutty peppery flavor of arugula packed into a smaller package. Micro Arugula adds elegance to any dish.

Micro Basil

Micro Basil A brilliant replacement for whole leaf basil garnish requiring no picking, chopping or labor.

Micro Cilantro

Micro Cilantro A versatile and tasty herb that no kitchen can do without.

Golden Pea Shoots

Golden Pea shoots Add sunshine to your plate with these pale beauties that taste as bright and as fresh as they look.

Popcorn Shoots

Popcorn shoots Their sweet, tender flavor may remind you of fresh kettle corn.


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