1. We Are 100% Organic – Organic America, as an establishment, do all that we can to stay updated on the latest and greatest technology to ensure that you are getting the best organic products possible. We use sustainable farming strategies, while still embodying the “small farm” persona that made us special to begin with.

2. Eat Small, Live Large – This motto has great meaning to us in our endeavor to provide you with nutritious greens that don’t need to be eaten in large abundance. The beauty of micro greens is that they are densely packed with essential nutrients and require you to eat less to get your daily needed boost.They are easy to incorporate into your every day diet and don’t require too large of a lifestyle change.

3. They Are Surprisingly Flavorful – Whether you are an avid spicy eater in search of a natural “kick” to your meals (to which we suggest our Mustard Mix), or you are a fan of green combinations that zing up ALL of your taste buds (Green Mix, of course), we have all the flavors you are looking for!

4. Perfect for the Young Ones – It is a well accepted fact that most kids are not huge fans of traditional vegetables. We have all been there, 5 years old and being fed large steamed broccoli by our parents – how dreadful! By mixing in micro kale or micro basil to your children’s meals, you are providing them with an amazing boost of essential vitamins A, C, K and beyond. Our micro greens are the perfect solution to the veggie defiant!

5. Colorfully Delightful – One of our favorite things about or micro products is that they come in colors all across the spectrum! From the beautiful, deep red of our micro amaranth to the crisp green of our micro cilantro, to bursting yellow of our popcorn shoots, they are great for garnishing. Sprinkle a few of our micro salads onto your dishes and you are sure to be the next celebrity chef amongst your friends!



Micro Greens
Micro greens are edible plants that originate from the seeds of herbs, vegetables and other plants. Unlike sprouts, micro greens deliver a wide range of powerful, developed flavors. The concentrated vitamins, nutrients and proteins packed into these tiny plants make them a perfect addition to any healthy diet. The combination of high nutritional value, beautiful appearance and bold flavors make micro greens nature’s most powerful food.
Fresh herbs have long been appreciated for their bold flavor and are an essential part of a chef’s kitchen. For centuries, many cultures have sought out herbs for their medicinal qualities as well. Research is finding more and more that herbs can help promote wellness and ongoing health. Discover what the pros have known for years and add them to every meal!
Protecting the earth is paramount to our farming practices. Organic America uses the most advanced farming practices to avoid soil erosion, water pollution and depletion of our natural resources. We use no chemical pesticides, ensuring all of our products are grown honestly and organically. Through innovative and natural farming practices, we are preserving fertile land for future generations.
In their early stages of growth plants are like compact packages filled with exceptional energy, boundless health and a little bit of magic. Harvested at their peak of perfection, our tiny shoots offer a concentration of flavors unparalleled in other foods. With exquisite aromas, their depth of taste, color and scent add beauty to any dish.



NewHope – Organic America accepted Editor’s Choice food & beverage award at ExpoWest 2012 for their line of MicroSalads! Find out what’s NEXT.

After tasting and sipping our way around the Natural Products Expo West 2012 show floor, we chose 11 products as this year’s favorites. From gluten-free bread to functional juices and blow-your-mind ice cream, these got our nod for best of show.

By Kelsey Blackwell and Elisa Bosley







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