Micro Greens
Micro greens are edible plants that originate from the seeds of herbs, vegetables and other plants. Unlike sprouts, micro greens deliver a wide range of powerful, developed flavors. The concentrated vitamins, nutrients and proteins packed into these tiny plants make them a perfect addition to any healthy diet. The combination of high nutritional value, beautiful appearance and bold flavors make micro greens nature’s most powerful food.
Fresh herbs have long been appreciated for their bold flavor and are an essential part of a chef’s kitchen. For centuries, many cultures have sought out herbs for their medicinal qualities as well. Research is finding more and more that herbs can help promote wellness and ongoing health. Discover what the pros have known for years and add them to every meal!
Protecting the earth is paramount to our farming practices. Organic America uses the most advanced farming practices to avoid soil erosion, water pollution and depletion of our natural resources. We use no chemical pesticides, ensuring all of our products are grown honestly and organically. Through innovative and natural farming practices, we are preserving fertile land for future generations.
In their early stages of growth plants are like compact packages filled with exceptional energy, boundless health and a little bit of magic. Harvested at their peak of perfection, our tiny shoots offer a concentration of flavors unparalleled in other foods. With exquisite aromas, their depth of taste, color and scent add beauty to any dish.