Vibrant Flavors of Our Micro Salads


For thousands of years, we have relied on the diverse flavors of herbs and greens to add depth and richness to our food.

As one of our five senses, taste serves as a way for us to connect with our food and the world around us. Unfortunately, it often takes much of our time and effort to prepare these herbs to use in our recipes.

Our team at Organic America strive to bring you a solution in the form of our micro-greens.

These tasty organic little gems, including arugula, cilantro, and basil, have all been harvested at the peak of their flavorful perfection. Compacted densely into micro-sized leaves, the depth of flavor in each of these herbs will have your tastebuds pleasantly satisfied. Embodying the vibrant colors and liveliness that we often associate with high quality ingredients, these micro greens offer even more in the taste department and will leave you wonderfully impressed.

Give your chopping board a break, we’ve teamed up with Mother Nature and have done all of the work for you.