Spring Blossom Vegetable Entrée


*Spring Blossom Vegetable Entrée*
To ensure that this dish is smooth, fluffy, and lump free, cook the broccolis, carrots and potatoes until very tender. Mash the broccolis while they’re still hot. Cooked potatoes give special accent and carrots with the pretty orange color lend an attractive contrast to the dish.  But most important the fresh organic micro arugula will complete the entire look of this artwork. This light entrée is good to enjoy for any time of the day.

8oz. Fresh Organic Broccoli
1 Medium size Golden Onion
½ Tsp. Garlic
1Tsp. Sea Salt
2Tbsps. Organic Safflower Oil
1 Small Potato
1 Small Carrot
2Tsps. Capers

Pour enough water into a pot to come 2 inch up the sides and bring the water to a boil. Cook the broccolis for 12 minutes until well cooked. Drain broccolis and let to cool. Chop the golden onion in small cubes put in frying pan, add organic safflower oil andsauté in medium high heat until become golden. Pour onion sauté on cooked broccolis and blend them until the mixture is smooth and mushy. With special shaping tool make flower design and set on the serving plate. Meanwhile, use the same method to cook potato and carrot until very tender. Peel off the skin of potato and cut it in ½ long shapes and put between designed mushed broccolis to add new color to the dish. Shred cooked carrot on the top dish, and very important part not to forget to add the fresh organic micro arugula and capers to complete the main flavor of the dish.