Rainbow Micro Basil Appetizer


*Rainbow Micro Basil Appetizer*

To the creamy beet pesto and broccoli puree organic micro basil will nurture the taste of this appetizer. This appetizer is delicious served chilled. Thick goat cheese layer team up in this pallet of spring colors. Eventually the mix of organic micro basil make great accompaniment to the Rainbow Appetizer.

Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Serving Size: 2-3

1 Small Size Red Beet
1 Tsp. Fresh Garlic
1 Tbsp. Organic Vinegar
1 Tsp. Organic Olive Oil
1 Tsp. Sea Salt
4 oz. Organic Broccoli
1 Small Brown Onion
1 oz. Organic Goat Cheese
1 Tsp. Organic Micro Cilantro
1 Tbsp. Micro Basil

Cooking Directions: Cook the beet in the medium size pot in high heat until it soft. Peel the skin off and shred the entire beet. Add salt, garlic, olive oil, micro cilantro and veginese. Pour the entire mixture into one mass. Cook the broccoli over the high heat until tender. Drain the broccoli let to cool for 10 minutes and blend it until it is smooth. Cut the onion into small cubes and sauté in organic olive oil on the medium high heat until onions will become golden. Pour the sauté in the mashed broccoli and mix to get smooth mixture. Make a small round amount of goat cheese on the bottom layer, put in a middle layer mashed broccoli and then on the top layer spread the beet pesto by making smooth rainbow layers garnishing with delicious organic Micro basil.