Micro Greens Are NOT Related to Sprouts


On our mission to spread the word about the benefits of micro greens, we have come across a very common misconception that Micro Greens are similar to sprouts. We would like to falsify this myth once and for all by pointing out the major differences.

1. What are “sprouts”?
Sprouts are seeds that have been germinated entirely in water (often in glass jars) and have never actually been planted. The environment in which sprouts grow are often moist, dark, and overly crowded. Altogether, this is the perfect combination for pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella and the widely known version of E-Coli to grow and prosper.

By the time the sprouts are ready to be consumed, they are still in the very early stages of growth and do not feature any leaves. You can spot them apart from micro greens because they can often be found in tangled bunches of roots and stems.

The FDA warns against the consumption of raw sprouts due to their proneness in carrying dangerous bacteria. This warning can be blatantly seen on many sprout packages as the buyers eat at their own risk.

2. What are “micro greens”?
Micro greens, particularly ours, are grown in 100% organic soil on a small farm located in Piru (a few miles away from Valencia). Unlike sprouts, they are grown in abundance of light and are not kept in dark and wet environments. Depending on the plant, micro greens are grown for 1-2 weeks before the leaves fully expand and are able to be harvested. They are then cut above the root and packaged as leaves only for sale to the mass population. The high light and high ventilation conditions in which these baby greens grow allow them to develop natural vibrant color and intensified flavors while sealing in all of the nutrients you can get.

We hope this helped clarify the major differences between sprouts and micro greens. Here at Organic America, we aim to ensure that you are presented with only the best products and are free of confusion and misconceptions. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send us a quick e-mail.
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Live Large Eat Small,
The Organic America Team