How Microsalad Helped Improve My Healthy Diet


Like many other busy professionals working in a bustling city, I have at certain times allowed my diet to go in a terribly unhealthy direction. The latest epiphany took place in August on a Friday as I reflected on everything I ate the week before. McDonalds breakfast burritos because I had no time in the mornings to prepare a decent breakfast. Frozen dinners for lunch because I would rather work through lunch than leave the office to grab something even more potentially unhealthy. For dinner I would eat whatever I could find because by 7pm, convenience trumped healthiness on all accounts.

That was when I decided to make a drastic change in my diet. I made a conscious commitment to somehow find the extra time throughout the day to get in my wholesome nutrients in an organic way and prepare my food on my own.

Undoubtedly, Microsalads have been a huge part of my diet change. My longtime favorites have been the Green Mix, Asian Mix, and Micro Basil and Micro Kale. I began to put them into everything I prepared and finally was able to enjoy how much they enhanced the flavors of my food. They often took away my need for extra artificial seasonings and have become a staple in my meal plans now. The results have been wonderful as I am certain that the nutrients from all the wholesome foods have given me more energy and I feel much more fit than before. It is a change that I urge all of my busy friends and loved ones to make.

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