Happy Chinese New Year of the Snake – From Organic America


Today, February 10th, marks the Chinese New Year celebration of 2013. We here at Organic America would like to wish you a healthy and very prosperous new year with lots of good luck coming your way.

2013 is the year of the Snake – which according to the Chinese culture website www.hanban.com, is the most independent, insightful, refined, enigmatic and intuitive of all the 12 Chinese animal signs. Old Chinese tradition tells that if you are blessed to have someone in your family born in the Year of the Snake, that the family will never have to worry about starving.

Since the color of the 2013 snake is “black”, we should all expect unexpected changes to come our way. Experts advise to remember to plan all things ahead of time to be prepared for these changes to ensure for a successful year.

We would love to know how you are all celebrating to bring in the new Chinese year! Tweet us your plans at @organic_america.
Warm Regards,
The Organic America Team