We are delighted to announce that we will be attending the 38th annual Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco from January 20-January 22! The Fancy Food Show has been around since 1955 and is the top showcase for specialty foods and beverages. Don’t hesitate to find us there and say a quick hello – we would be so grateful for your support. Stop by booth #235 at the NASFT Fancy Food Show at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, January 20-22 2013.

We are looking forward to seeing you and showing you our amazing MicroSalad. 🙂

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This post aims to help you tailor your resolutions to get the best result. It is a common tradition that most of us partake in but read ahead to make sure you get the most out of your 2013 goals!

1. Lead a Healthier Lifestyle:
So often times, we make resolutions for very specific changes that we think will allow us to live a healthier lifestyle. Contrarily, healthy living is made up of many components. Only going on a strict diet, or starting a regular work-out regimen alone is not enough to make that comprehensive change. These things tend to deliver short term satisfaction (such as losing 5 pounds in the first month) but on the overall scheme of things, do little for your overall well being.

Our suggestion is to resolve for something more outstanding. Aim for a more nutritious eating routine instead of that quick and easy “no carbs diet”. Whole organic vegetables, extra lean meat, natural fats in fish and nuts, micro greens, and natural fiber are all great sources for essential nutrition. Formulate your exercise regimen with practices of all kinds such as yoga, aerobics, cardio, hiking, and more instead of just lifting weights and running miles. All of these things paired together will bring you to (and keep you at) a much healthier state of being – all year long!

2. Doing Good for Others Does Much Good for You:
Time and time again studies have shown that acts of kindness contribute greatly to our well beings. For example, a study cited by the Huffington Post Newspaper of women suffering from breast cancer who acted as mentors and mentees in a support group showed that those who acted as mentors did significantly better in recovery than those who did not offer such help to others.

Take a second out of your days to do something nice for someone who has never done anything for you, who could never possibly pay you back. You feel feel the instant gratification of knowing you’ve contributed positively in the world, and the positivity will translate into your health as well!

3. Stress Less, It will Do You Big Favors:
Doctors and researchers alike have often agreed that stress is one of the greatest contributors to health decline. The increased amount of constant digital communication, paired with the fast pace in which our world is moving today,  it is often difficult to manage our stress. The average American with a steady job faces many extra responsibilities on top of their work duties alone. May it be family duties, our social lives, or our romantic woes, stressors seem to be at the end of every corner we turn.

Luckily, technology has made it a little easier to manage our stress. In this article, John Pavley discusses an app that he downloaded on his smart phone which helps him manage his stress significantly.

Knowing what stresses you out is the first step to change – take the time to identify those factors and find ways to reduce your stress. Find your happy place – your body will thank you in the long run.

It has been an amazing 2012 documenting our products, food, events, and so much more. Our company strives to bring you the best in micro green products and are always hoping to show you more ways to creatively enjoy your Micro Salads. We are looking forward to another year full of colorful photos to share our exciting journey with you!


Happy New Year!

The Organic America family wishes you all a happy and healthy 2013. We greatly appreciate all of your support and are looking forward to another year of bringing you the highest quality micro greens we can, while supporting healthy eating and delicious cooking. Expect many more recipes, photos, and blog posts right here on our site.

Our list of New Year resolutions will soon be posted as well so stay tuned!

Happy New Year to one and all.


On our mission to spread the word about the benefits of micro greens, we have come across a very common misconception that Micro Greens are similar to sprouts. We would like to falsify this myth once and for all by pointing out the major differences.

1. What are “sprouts”?
Sprouts are seeds that have been germinated entirely in water (often in glass jars) and have never actually been planted. The environment in which sprouts grow are often moist, dark, and overly crowded. Altogether, this is the perfect combination for pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella and the widely known version of E-Coli to grow and prosper.

By the time the sprouts are ready to be consumed, they are still in the very early stages of growth and do not feature any leaves. You can spot them apart from micro greens because they can often be found in tangled bunches of roots and stems.

The FDA warns against the consumption of raw sprouts due to their proneness in carrying dangerous bacteria. This warning can be blatantly seen on many sprout packages as the buyers eat at their own risk.

2. What are “micro greens”?
Micro greens, particularly ours, are grown in 100% organic soil on a small farm located in Piru (a few miles away from Valencia). Unlike sprouts, they are grown in abundance of light and are not kept in dark and wet environments. Depending on the plant, micro greens are grown for 1-2 weeks before the leaves fully expand and are able to be harvested. They are then cut above the root and packaged as leaves only for sale to the mass population. The high light and high ventilation conditions in which these baby greens grow allow them to develop natural vibrant color and intensified flavors while sealing in all of the nutrients you can get.

We hope this helped clarify the major differences between sprouts and micro greens. Here at Organic America, we aim to ensure that you are presented with only the best products and are free of confusion and misconceptions. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send us a quick e-mail.
Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1916127

Live Large Eat Small,
The Organic America Team

We at Organic America wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy holidays. What a wonderful time to be spending with our family, friends, and cherished ones as we all wrap up an unforgettable year. 2012 was amazingly productive for us, and we are counting on 2013 to bring more great changes to present you with even greater products.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our endeavors all the way through by purchasing our products, following our blog, and encouraging us to move forward with our mission each and every day. You are our inspiration. Don’t forget to live large and eat small in the new and coming year.

The Organic America Team

Last Saturday I caught up with one of the newest members of our team at the local market. Kelly set up a wonderful demo table at the Whole Foods in Woodland Hills and sampled six of our favorite Micro Salads to local shoppers.

Many customers stopped by to discover, with much delight, the wonder of our Micro Salads. Among favorites were Micro Green Mix and Micro Red Amaranth. Tasters loved the diverse flavors featured in a single bite of the Green Mix and the “beet-like” taste of the Red Amaranth.

Photographed here is one of our most enthusiastic samplers who spent nearly ten minutes speaking with Kelly and learning all about our delicious and nutritious micro greens. He walked away with several shells and happily agreed to be featured on our blog.

Stop by and sample our products soon – we would love to see you all!


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Organic America for a Healthy Lifestyle!

At Organic America, we strongly believe in eco-friendly, energy-efficient agriculture that nurtures the environment and creates a minimal carbon footprint. We take pride in what we do, because we believe in conserving the Earth’s natural ecological balance.

We all share responsibility in caring for our beautiful planet. At Organic America, it’s how we do business.