When It Comes To Greens – Bigger May Not Always Be Better


There goes a well-known saying: “The bigger the better” but in our journey striving to perfect the cultivation of our micro greens – it seems that may not always be the case.

According to a recent research study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, micro greens may have even more nutrients than their fully mature counterparts.

The study tested for phytochemical counts in 25 different kinds of micro greens. The results showed that the micro greens had more nutrients than the fully mature version of the same plants.

Micro cilantro boasts tons of beta-carotene, which has shown to neutralize cancer-causing chemicals. Micro cabbage and micro amaranth also contained ample amounts of essential vitamins C, K and E.

This is wonderful information to anyone who wants to get their nutrients but dread eating several cups of vegetables in order to do so. We know most kids fall into this category and micro greens now make it much easier to get your little ones to eat their veggies. Find yourself smiling because of this news? Well, so are we. 🙂